wholesale platform for handlooms & crafts of India

we believe that buyers are looking for a platform that would provide wide range of handmde products, quantities, high level of curation, quality control and design support and at prices that are lower than from traditional sources.

gocoop supports national and international buyers including retailers, brands, designers, boutiques and home entrepreneurs in wholesale buying and sourcing handwoven sarees, fabrics and more directly from the producers. our registered wholesale customers can see the wholesale prices for each product on the product page. please reachout to wholesale@gocoop.com for any support or wholesale enquiries. 

join us in #CraftingChange together.

From our customers


“I’m a lover of hand woven clothes made from sustainable fabrics like cotton and silk, and I also believe in fairly treating the weavers and artisans who produce them and showing respect for their unique skills. With the motive of finding a seller that addressed my particular criteria in mind I started doing  some online research and landed on the Gocoop webpage.  I reached out to the Sales and Marketing unit and instantly was impressed by the depth of knowledge there and the extent to which they helped me in putting together a small collection.  Subsequently through my relationship with GoCoop, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to employees at GoCoop, up and down the corporate ladder, and always come away impressed with their willingness to cater to my particular requests in a very professional way. The quality of the fabrics, sarees and apparel that they stock are incomparable, especially when you know that they have been ethically sourced”.

Devi R

I love shopping on GoCoop and trust that it is an authentic source for handlooms from all over India, directly sourced from weavers. The variety and range of products keeps the buyer coming back for more. The prices are great and shipping to the US has been hassle free. I recommend GoCoop to all handloom lovers.