Crafting change in your life

Crafting change in your life

After struggling for survival from the competition by cheaper, mass-produced sarees and apparel, handwoven fashion is seeing a revival in India. Sarees, apparels, accessories, fabrics and home furnishings handwoven and handcrafted are now the preferred choices of the discerning customer.

Here’s how handwoven fashion can craft change in your life.


Unlike factory-produced products, choosing handwoven creations has a direct impact on our cottage industry. Highly skilled artisans from communities in villages keep their art alive while ensuring a livelihood for themselves and many others in the village. They mostly use natural materials ensuring that their products are good for you and the environment. 


Handwoven fashion now has a global appeal. With ancient styles and traditions and a modern design sense, handwoven fashion is quite unique, making it a topic of conversation. 

Affordable luxury

In many cases more expensive than mass-produced clothing, handwoven fashion is now affordable luxury because of the elimination of multiple intermediaries, stronger focus on sustainability and other factors like subsidies on yarn.

Weaving a relationship

Choosing handwoven fashion ensures a connection with the weaver communities that create the products. Sustaining the livelihood of the artisans, these professions stay alive and flourish. Creating a relationship with the artisans that quite simply feels good.

Crafting change

Our curated collection of handwoven sarees, accessories and home furnishings includes Jamdani, Tant and Linen from Bengal, Ikat from Odisha & Pochampally, Banarasi from Uttar Pradesh, Maheshwari, Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh, Mangalgiri from Andhra Pradesh, Kanchi and Arani from Tamilnadu, Ilkals from Karnataka, Paithani from Maharastra and much more.

Join us in #CraftingChange together! 

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