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GoSwadeshi by gocoop, is a movement dedicated to promoting and celebrating Indian handlooms and crafts while empowering the artisan communities. GoSwadeshi enables you to support indigenous artisans by selecting products that are authentic, consciously curated, and deeply rooted in Indian culture.

So, are you ready to join the #GoSwadeshi movement? Let's shop, showcase, and celebrate the rich handloom and craft traditions of India together! read more...

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I love shopping on GoCoop and trust that it is an authentic source for handlooms from all over India, directly sourced from weavers. The variety and range of products keeps the buyer coming back for more. The prices are great and shipping to the US has been hassle free. I recommend GoCoop to all handloom lovers.


I have been a great fan of handloom products ever since I was a teenager. Handlooms are unique to our culture, they spell ethnicity, simplicity, and yet underlines a fashion statement. I appreciate the efforts done by GoCoop for creating such a wide platform for the weaver's. My experience with GoCoop has been amazing!

Janaki Ramakrishnan

This saree from gocoop has such a beautiful crimson red and an amazing contrast blue in the signature odia type anchel. The butti are tiny fish so daintily swimming on the saree. The silk is tightly woven and sturdy. I am very happy with this purchase and would like to add that khandua silks also provide very good value for money.


I must appreciate the effort made by GoCoop to create an ecommerce platform which provides an opportunity for co operatives to market their products. My experience with GoCoop has been amazing! I have made on line purchases from APCO, Boyanika. The support personnel at GoCoop are extremely helpful in making selection of product and guiding right through purchase process. To be honest for me this is like an extended family hand-picking products for me and ensuring they reach me safe. I do wish a every success to this wonderful effort of GoCoop and look forward to continued shopping.

Mridula Dang

If you love handloom products that are also honestly priced, GoCoop is the Go to place. I have been a regular here and love the experience. Keep up the great work!!

Antara Roy

directly from trusted weaver co-ops and master artisans