Weaves & Crafts of Central and Northern India

An array of handcrafted and handwoven collections from the north and central regions of India.

From the exquisite Banarasi sarees of UttarPradesh, to timeless elegance of Maheshwaris and Chanderis of Madhya Pradesh, muted richness of the Tussar from Jharkhand and Chattisgarh, and the interesting randomness of the Batik, all showcased under one roof.

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Crafting curation - yarn

"Crafting Curation - Yarn Who Weaves Assam Handloom," an exploration of exquisite artistry and cultural heritage. Delve into the world of Assam's intricate handloom weaving, where tradition and innovation converge. Our platform celebrates the skilled artisans who weave dreams into reality, threading stories of tradition, resilience, and creativity. With each piece, we bring you closer to the heart of Assam's weaving legacy, showcasing a symphony of colors, patterns, and techniques that have stood the test of time. Join us on a journey that pays homage to the craftsmanship that adorns not just fabrics, but also the very fabric of Assamese culture. Discover, appreciate, and support the hands that craft elegance and history through every meticulously woven thread.

Expressions by UV

Expressions by UV, an offshoot of UV Creations established in 2015, stands as a beacon of sustainability and zero waste. Rooted in the goal of bridging generations to India's rich crafts and combatting climate change through eco-conscious fashion, it draws inspiration from the nation's textile heritage. This designer label operates in direct collaboration with adept artisans, weavers, rural women, and designers, crafting ethically imbued, ageless women's wear. Seamlessly blending traditional weaves and crafts with contemporary aesthetics, each piece echoes a harmonious fusion. With a mission that resonates, Expressions by UV orchestrates a symphony of ethical craftsmanship and modern artistry, contributing to a more conscientious and stylish world.

Hansa Handloom

Manish Mukati and Rohit Mukati are pioneers of a legacy their forefathers could never foresee. Originating as a modest retail outlet near Maheshwar Fort and the historic Raj-Rajeshwar temple by the Narmada River, Hansa Handloom thrived as Master Weaver's innovative approach to directly connect tourists with their creations. What began as a familial craft 35 years ago has evolved through Manish and Rohit, the 3rd Mukati generation. They transformed Maheshwari Sari weaving from a home-bound practice to a hub supporting 80 weavers and 15 ancillary workers. With complementary roles, Rohit handles Marketing, while Manish excels in crafting new designs and enriching their diverse product catalog.

Jyothi handloom

Jyoti Handloom – the artisanal weavers of Maheshwari cotton silk magnificence. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, Jyoti Handloom brings to life the timeless allure of Maheshwari textiles. Each thread intricately spun, and every pattern thoughtfully woven, encapsulates the rich heritage and artistic finesse of this weaving tradition. Rooted in tradition yet embracing contemporary elegance, their products reflect the seamless blend of cotton's comfort and silk's opulence, making them a true embodiment of grace. Through dedication and passion, Jyoti Handloom not only crafts fabrics but also weaves stories of cultural legacy, innovation, and dedication. Indulge in the exquisite world of Maheshwari cotton silk, meticulously curated by Jyoti Handloom, where every creation is a testament to their mastery and a celebration of India's weaving heritage.

Nakshi creation

Embark on a journey of artistry with Nakshi Creations, where the timeless allure of block printing comes to life. Dedicated to the craft, Nakshi Creations intricately weaves heritage and innovation, crafting a stunning array of products that bear the rich imprints of hand-blocked elegance. With a passion for preserving tradition, their skilled artisans meticulously carve unique designs onto fabric, bringing forth a harmonious blend of culture and creativity. Each creation is a testament to their unwavering commitment to the craft, showcasing a diverse range of products including apparel, accessories, home textiles, and more. Through Nakshi Creations, block printing evolves into more than just a technique – it transforms into a narrative, a bridge between the past and the present, connecting you to the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship in every meticulously printed detail.

Spun by Welspun emerged as a response to the 2001 Bhuj earthquake, aiming to empower communities and women who faced profound losses. Motivated by a drive to rejuvenate local craftswomen's lives, the initiative transcended adversity. Over 2215 women across eight centers received training to elevate their traditional skills, adapting them for novel product lines. Renowned for their intricate embroidery and handicraft expertise, the Rabari community's women have thrived as skilled artisans for generations. Spun collaborates with them, breathing new life into traditional patterns on artisanal creations. This brand crafts a contemporary home and living line, offering consistent work to 80 – 100 craftswomen, a testament to Spun's commitment to resilience, empowerment, and craft preservation.

Varanasi weavers

Varanasi Weavers and Artisans Society stands as a beacon of social enterprise, dedicated to bolstering the sustainable livelihoods of small and medium Varanasi handloom weavers. Through effective business development services, the society champions the cause of sustainable livelihoods and socio-economic empowerment for the actual producers. This commitment is actualized through capacity enhancement, equitable market access, and the promotion of artisans and weavers. Simultaneously, the society ensures the supply of authentic handloom textiles and handicrafts, produced in socially and environmentally responsible ways, to conscientious markets both nationally and internationally. The society's hub offers an array of services to its member weavers, encompassing design innovation, product diversification, business skill refinement, direct market access, technological support, social welfare scheme facilitation, financial access, and more.

Whe by abira

Whe by Abira stands as an empowering all-women organization dedicated to lifting marginalized families from the grip of poverty while advocating for eco-friendly and handmade goods. Rooted in a vision of social and economic empowerment, it emerged to uplift women, ensuring equitable investments in education, health, and savings by integrating mothers into the workforce, effectively doubling family incomes. Operating as a design-focused ethical fashion accessories brand, Whe experiments with sustainable raw materials, crafting each product by hand from recycled resources, utilizing traditional art and craft methods that prioritize human touch over machines, fostering increased employment opportunities for women. Functioning as a comprehensive mentor, Whe extends its support as a guiding force in design, marketing, sales, and training for numerous women-led microenterprises.

Aminrup Designs

Aminrup, a craft-focused designer brand helmed by Purnima in New Delhi, emerged in 2017 with a mission to champion the essence of traditional artistry. Collaborating intimately with 10 skilled artisans, the brand is a vibrant testament to the world of hand block printing. Beyond fashion, Aminrup's purpose resonates deeply – it's about empowering these artisans with sustainable livelihoods. Through its captivating range of products, encompassing Kurtas, Kurtis, jackets, and dresses, Aminrup seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with age-old techniques. Every creation carries a legacy, and every purchase contributes to the artisans' livelihoods, underscoring the brand's commitment to fostering a thriving craft ecosystem.

Vayanam Handloom

Derived from Sanskrit, "Vayanam," meaning "weaving," reverently honors this art by ethically sourcing the finest materials nationwide, dedicated to you and your cherished family. Your trust welcomes us into your home, and at Vayanam, we're committed to weaving extraordinary magic through our offerings. We promise to infuse gratitude and enchantment into every thoughtfully sourced product, crafting an exceptional experience. Just as threads are meticulously woven, we interlace our gratitude and dedication, ensuring that every item resonates with the belief that "Extraordinary magic is woven." With each purchase, you contribute to this tapestry of appreciation, allowing us to weave a story of togetherness and excellence.