Weaves & Crafts of Southern India

An exclusive collection of handwoven and handcrafted collections from the southern regions of India.

From the beautiful Molakalmooru silks, to the colourful Lambani embroidery  and traditional Ilkals of Karnataka, to the famous Pochampally ikats of Telangana, the graceful Kalamkari and Venkatgiris of Andhra Pradesh and the stunning Kanjivaram silk of Tamil Nadu, discover the rich textile heritage of the south showcased together.

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Established in 2004, the Ilkal Cooperative Society under Shri Chamundeshwari Kaimagga Nekar Sahakar Sangh Niyamit draws inspiration from the esteemed Sri Shakambari Weavers Cooperative Society, boasting a legacy spanning over two centuries. This cooperative thrives with a robust team comprising more than 160 skilled artisans and 45 adept handloom weavers, actively engaged in diverse functional committees. Dedicated to progress, the society actively participates in governmental developmental initiatives and training programs. Honored for their pivotal role in the livelihoods of Ilkal's weavers, the society stands as a beacon in the Bagalkot region, garnering accolades and awards that acknowledge their unwavering commitment and impact within the community.

Pitchuka srinivas

Pitchuka Srinivas, a celebrated master artisan, has dedicated his life to the art of Hand printed Kalamkari, achieving unmatched perfection with natural dyes. His unwavering passion is complemented by his son, Pitchuka Veera Naga Varun Kumar, and a skilled team of 20 artisans. Together, they continue to elevate the legacy of Kalamkari, intricately crafting each piece. With a profound commitment to tradition, the team breathes life into fabrics, creating timeless stories with dyes from nature's palette. The harmonious collaboration of experience and innovation results in a symphony of colors and patterns. This artistic journey embodies the essence of cultural preservation, as they meticulously transform textiles into vibrant narrations of history and artistry.

Sai Harika

Santosh Reddy, a skilled weaver hailing from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, is a true master of Venkatagiri sarees. In 2012, he took a remarkable step by founding Sai Harika Handlooms, an endeavor aimed at providing vital marketing assistance to weavers and ensuring their sustainable livelihoods. Presently, Santosh Reddy collaborates with 25 dedicated weaver families, focusing on the intricate Jamdani style of weaving adorned with Zari. Renowned for their exceptional cotton fabric and Zari work, Venkatagiri sarees stand out. The meticulous twist and thread count contribute to their lightweight, gentle texture, exuding elegance – ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions, embodying comfort and style.


Established in 2003 by the adept weaver Gyandev Ganpa, Gyandev Handloom emerged under his guidance alongside 25 skilled handloom weavers from the Narayanpet cluster in Telangana. With a weaving journey that commenced at the tender age of 16, Gyandev Ganpa's exceptional craftsmanship has garnered recognition. His remarkable skills were acknowledged in 2016 when he was honored as the finest weaver during a district-level felicitation. Through dedication and mastery, Gyandev Handloom stands as a testament to the artistry nurtured by years of experience, reflecting a legacy woven with passion and expertise in the heart of Telangana's weaving community.


Pitloom stands as a dedicated organization uplifting the skilled weavers within Andhra Pradesh's Mangalagiri handloom hub. Rooted in a commitment to both preserving tradition and presenting customers with superior goods, their exquisite collection emerges. Melding modern hues and zari yarn tones, this assortment echoes the essence of innovation while honoring age-old artistry. With a resolute mission to bolster the cluster's traditional artisans, Pitloom harmonizes the past and the present, offering a testament to heritage and sustainability in each finely crafted piece.


Deekshita, the creative force behind exquisite Pochampally Ikat dupattas. With a passion ignited by tradition and artistry, Deekshita weaves a symphony of colors and patterns in every dupatta she crafts. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Pochampally weaving, her creations tell stories of cultural depth and meticulous craftsmanship. Each dupatta is a canvas of intricate designs, showcasing the intricate tie-and-dye technique that makes Pochampally Ikat renowned. Deekshita's dedication to preserving this age-old craft resonates in the vibrant threads she skillfully intertwines, resulting in pieces that are not just accessories, but wearable art. Indulge in the elegance of Pochampally Ikat through Deekshita's creations - a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary finesse, perfect for those who appreciate the allure of handcrafted excellence.


Dhanunjaiah, hailing from Pochampally, renowned for his prowess in crafting exquisite Ikkat cotton sarees. In 2015, he founded Dhanunjaiah Handlooms, driven by the mission to empower artisan and weaver families through marketing and sustainable livelihoods. Presently, he collaborates closely with 60 artisan families, fostering the legacy of Pochampally ikkat – a unique tie-and-dye technique that involves intricate design creation during yarn stages and weaving. The complexity demands exceptional skill, a quality ingrained in Pochampally artisans. With variations like single, double, and telia rumal, each Ikkat kind necessitates distinct mastery. Adorned with geometric patterns in captivating contrasting hues, his creations, predominantly sarees, embody the timeless charm of Pochampally's artistic heritage.


DWARAKA, an art revival movement founded by Sri. V. Dwaraknath Reddy, revitalized Kalamkari Art in Andhra Pradesh's Srikalahasthi region. Established in 1998 under DRRT, it restored the fading traditional hand-painted Kalamkari on textiles, once flourishing by the Swarnamukhi River. DWARAKA Plus, formed in 2009, empowers rural women artisans, becoming a unique artist-led social enterprise in Srikalahasthi. Over 500 artists, with 108 core members, create authentic Kalamkari art using natural dyes. Dwaraka's impact reaches 2500 artisans indirectly, crafting artistic sarees, dupattas, and more. 100 women craft affordable bags, home décor, boxes, and gift items with hand-painted Kalamkari textiles, showcasing a domino effect of empowerment and sustainability.


FABRIFOCUS passionately curates the finest handloom treasures, meticulously woven within the heart of Hubli-Dharwad clusters. Their collection showcases the epitome of authenticity, featuring exquisite patteda anchu sarees, charming hubli checks, and alluring khana (khun) yardage, among others. Driven by a steadfast commitment to traditional artisans, FABRIFOCUS shines a spotlight on the enchanting art of hand weaving, delivering unrivaled quality at a just price point. Rooted in their mission, they champion 'swadesi' values, devotedly upholding India's cherished heritage, while gracefully adorning consumers with the magic that only handcrafted elegance can bestow.


Jayakumar, the visionary behind Jayakumar Handlooms, a master weaver and entrepreneur spearheading the Venkatagiri handloom cluster in Andhra Pradesh's Nellore District. With roots dating back to 1968, his enterprise is the backbone of 360 dedicated weavers intricately crafting traditional and contemporary Venkatagiri silk, cotton, and cotton-silk blend sarees. His leadership has breathed life into this artisanal community, empowering them to weave stories through their skilled artistry. From timeless silk to versatile cotton, Jayakumar's legacy radiates, redefining the essence of handwoven elegance while preserving a rich heritage.