Go Bengal - Celebrate Heritage

Go Bengal - Celebrate Heritage

Every bengali takes immense pride in their handlooms and the saree being the most celebrated versions. Handwoven with great craftsmanship, Bengali sarees are exquisite in design and make for a great addition to your saree collection. Apart from the traditional korial saree with the off-white pallu and red border, discover a wider range of authentic handmade Bengali designs to choose from.


The Jamdani which has a rich historic background finds its origin in Bangladesh, known as Dhakai Jamdani. A celebrated fabric during the reign of the Mughal empire, the weavers of Samudragarh and Fulia in West Bengal seek to revive the Jamdani, one of the finest muslin textiles of Bengal. Woven with floral designs and fine motifs, the Jamdani reflects refinement.


Recognized as the most comfortable for Indian climate, the tant saree woven from cotton is distinguished for its lightness and transparency. Handmade by the weavers of Samudragarh and Fulia in West Bengal, it features a thick border with a decorative pallav, adorned in vibrant floral, paisley and popular traditional motifs.


Exquisitely designed, the hand embroidery artists of Bolpur, West Bengal, seek to keep alive the indigenous art and craft form of the Kantha stitch. The rich synergy of the running stitches with bhorat stitches (filler stitches) make for splendid designs.

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